About Us

We Are The Pıoneer Of Hygiene

Ahsen Kimya, which has been providing hygiene and cleanliness especially in corporate areas with its certificates approved by the Ministry of Health since 2013, produces its own products under the brand of "Lipo" and serves all sterilization channels from cosmetics to hand hygiene.

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Clear Areas Hygienic Products


Our Services

Water Tank Cleaning

Metal Water Tank Cleaning

Plastic Water Tank Cleaning

Concrete Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Maintenance

Water Tank Disinfection

Disinfecting Processes Of Areas

Workplace Disinfection Operations

Vehicle Disinfection Operations

Mass Transportation Disinfection Operations

Service Vehicles Disinfection Operations


Special Scent For Every Company

Natural Cleaning Products

100% Safe and Organic

We combine high concentrations of pure organic essential oils with quality plant-derived ingredients.

We Care About Our Planet

All of our packaging, bottles, cleaning equipment, even uniforms come from recycled, fair trade or low impact origins.