May it be celebrated across the country

Chemists week

"As a country, we need the development of basic sciences"

Chemist Yusuf Sert, one of the owners of Ahsen Kimya, made a statement on the occasion of April 7 Chemistry Day and Chemists Week. Drawing attention to the importance of chemistry for society, Sert said, "Such weeks should be celebrated in a festive atmosphere throughout the country so that awareness and curiosity will be created".

Ahsen Chemistry Owner, Chemist Yusuf Sert, “I would like to say; ‘April 7 Chemistry Day and Chemists Week are celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the country. Unfortunately I cannot say that. It is only a week that cannot go further than a few posts on social media.

Ahsen Kimya owner Yusuf Sert stated that April 7 Chemistry Day and Chemists Week were very dull across the country and that science should be instilled in new generations.