What is Nano Disinfection?

Disinfection processis a process that can be used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and is classified as a preventive measure. The purpose of the disinfection process is to permanently destroy the viruses, bacteria and fungi that accumulate in the environment. While we neutralize bacteria and viruses that pose a risk to your health with our Nano Disinfection service, we reduce the risk of viruses re-adhering to the surface in the future thanks to effective disinfection.

How Effective Is Nano Disinfection and How Should It Be Done?

Nano disinfection Our processes are a sterilization application we do with a special disinfection liquid, which is completely herbal-based, offering a success rate of 99% to 100% against fungi, viruses and bacteria. If you take advantage of this process, you will have taken an important step to create an environment where you can spend time in safety and peace and to protect the health of yourself and your relatives.

As soon as we perform our Nano Disinfection process, we apply the disinfectant containing nano silver particles to all areas that need to be sterilized indoors or outdoors with our special machines. While this application is done by our trained team, the use of special clothes is not neglected. Thanks to the effective spraying functions of our special machines, nano-silver particles spread over a wide area and adhere to all surfaces. In this context, long-term permanence is achieved in terms of disinfection, and 99% certain results are obtained from the destruction of all viruses.

In Which Areas Can You Benefit From Our Nano Disinfection Service?

Nano Disinfection Service Within the scope of the scope, we offer you the opportunity to achieve the required level of sterilization in terms of health not only in the interior environments of home, workplace, plaza, shopping center areas, but also on all surfaces, exterior door handles, inside and outside the vehicle, light switches, and bathrooms. After all our disinfection processes, you can continue your normal, routine life without needing to clean.

Advantages in Nano Disinfection Application

Allergic reactions may occur in many disinfection processes due to the use of high chemical products. In our Nano Disinfection service, which we have brought together with you, we use a product based entirely on herbal formula. In this context, you can take advantage of this service, especially where your pets are located, to protect their health. If you have an allergic body, the right choice for you in disinfection process Nano disinfection application will be.

Especially if viruses and bacteria are to be destroyed in a wide area, an effective disinfection work should be preferred to protect employees in plazas and offices from all risks. First of all, the use of the right equipment, experienced application team, special protective clothing, effective spraying machines and plant-based Nano silver particle disinfection should be included as basic criteria in the service. Within the scope of the service we provide with the right application and team, we transform your large square meter workplace into an environment with appropriate health conditions for your employees on the same day with the application.

We offer you customer-oriented price options in our Nano Disinfection processes. The prices of our applications are determined by the size of the area to be disinfected, which of your workplace, home, vehicle disinfection requests you convey to us. In this context, before directing our teams to your address in order to realize the most ideal application for your preferred area Nano Disinfection price We provide the necessary preliminary information by providing our negotiations about the amount.

What is Silver Ion Technology of Nano Disinfection?

Nano disinfection silver ion technology is a herbal technology that does not harm human health and the environment and does not cause allergies when it comes into contact with skin and respiration. It kills 99% of viruses by carrying silver ions inside. We realize our applications with this technology, which is ecological and does not leave odor in the environment. The reason why there is no trace or residue after our disinfection processes is known as silver ion technology. In this context, you do not have to bother or clean after the procedure.

What is Water Tank Cleaning Service?

Water tank cleaning serviceis our service type that we provide in order to ensure the consumption and use of healthy water and to protect you against diseases that you can catch from dirty water. Harmful substances such as soil, rust, sediment, dirt accumulated in your water tanks prepare the basis for the formation of harmful microorganisms in this area. If you consume water containing bacteria or harmful microorganisms, your health will be endangered. We deliver healthy and clean structures to you by carrying out water tank cleaning applications with our TSI service qualification certificate in order to avoid such a risk.

How often should the water tank be cleaned?

Water tanks They are structures that accumulate sediment over time and can cause rust residues. Especially the continuous contact of the interior areas with water causes the formation of residues in the interior wall areas. If the stored water is calcareous, the ratio of these residues will increase. In this context, it will be correct to put your tanks into a routine cleaning process every 6 months for water use under suitable health conditions. In the processes, you must first do a rough cleaning for the inner chamber and then a thorough cleaning with special disinfection products for the water tanks.

We offer solutions to your needs with our professional team for both application types. You request annually or semi-annually water tank cleaning operation You can benefit from our comprehensive service and advantageous price values. At the end of our application water tank disinfection By receiving the minutes, you can experience the feeling of trust in getting a legal and professional service.

How Should Water Tank Cleaning Be Done?

Chemical products that are not suitable for this process and avoid contact with water should not be used in water tank cleaning. In this context, we present information about the stages of ideal water tank cleaning that we apply for you and should be provided under normal conditions as follows:

  • First of all, the water in the tank should be evacuated by submersible pumps. This process should be completed one day before cleaning.
  • After the procedure, the water valve at the entrance of the tank should be closed. Water should be used from the normal system, not from the tank.
  • Our experienced personnel provide access to the tank, where there is no water left in it, with their special clothes.
  • First, a rough cleaning process is done to remove residues.
  • In the next step, all surfaces are brushed by spraying special sprays certified for drinking water on all walls and floors of the warehouse.
  • After our brushing process, we rinse each area with clean water.
  • At the end of the situation, some water accumulated on the floor is evacuated by waste water vacuum pumps.
  • Finally, the floor area of the warehouse is disinfected with special products and rinsed once more.

At the end of all steps, we make a final check for the tank and make sure that there is no water left. Our process steps are followed by water tank disinfection minutes We organize the document and present it to you.

Care should be taken that the disinfection products used while cleaning the water tank are suitable for health and certified for drinking water.

How are the Water Tank Cleaning Service Prices Determined?

We determine the price values of our water tank cleaning and disinfection service according to the technical applications it will require depending on the volume value of your tank and the pollution rate it has. In this context, we provide the necessary negotiations to present customer-oriented price values for you. While we respond to your water tank cleaning needs, we offer you our free discovery service. First of all, we determine the products and cleaning technique that your warehouse needs by performing an inspection. After the discovery, we provide you with the necessary information about the price, and we prevent you from encountering unexpected price values.