2013 yılından bugüne Sağlık Bakanlığı’ndan onaylı sertifikalarıyla özellikle kurumsal alanların hijyen ve temizliğini sağlayan Ahsen Kimya; Lipo markasıyla da kendi ürünlerini üretiyor ve kozmetikten, el hijyenine kadar tüm sterilizasyon kanallarına hizmet veriyor. Sektördeki gücünü kişiselleştirilmiş kimyasal temizlik ürünleriyle birleştiren Ahsen Kimya; kurumlara diledikleri her konuda çözüm ortaklığı sunuyor. Kurumların diledikleri renk ve kokuda kimyasal sterilizasyon ürünleri üretebilen çalışmalarıyla Ahsen Kimya; sektöründe fark yaratan bir hizmeti de bünyesinde bulunduruyor. Kimya biliminin tüm disiplinlerini rasyonel bir temel üzerinden inşa ediyor.


Ahsen Kimya, the oldest hygiene products manufacturer of İnegöl, is known by the city's old residents as a local tradesman. This charming shop, where you can feel the hygiene and cleanleness with the softener, bleach and detergent smell you get, has managed to become one of Turkey's favorite brand with the largest production area of 4000 square meters. Turning the risky and crowded areas of the pandemic period into safe and sterile areas with its presence and experience, Ahsen Kimya works to create cleaner living spaces with its chemists and expert team.


Ahsen Kimya, a brand with a high index of trust in its sector with the health and hygiene products it produces and the sterilization services it provides, offers solution-oriented approaches and solves the process method entirely within its own internal discipline. It offers a fully professional service to institutions and organizations from the health sector to the education sector, to each of the vital areas that must comply with sustainable hygiene conditions in its new normal period. With this service it has provided, it works with determination to reduce the fear and anxiety in the corona period with all its staff.


What are our hopes and dreams?

As Ahsen Kimya, we aim to preserve the excitement of transforming into a huge facility where we switched from a supplier store to production, and to build this excitement on a more visionary and world-touching basis while becoming professional step by step. We draw an idalist road map with the responsibility of progressing in the perspective of the disciplines of chemical science and transforming into a global brand in the nearest future, without harming human, nature and all living things in each of our products we manufacture.

We do not consider the century we are in as a collection of disasters, but as the difficulties encountered in the history of humanity, and we place it at the top of our goals to be a brand that produces solutions with determination.